The philosophy I adhere to for live music performances is as follows: heighten the experience for all attendees in an inviting, comfortable manner with the goal of making the event more memorable.   This is achieved by playing songs they are familiar with at a volume low enough for conversation to carry over.   If guests choose to listen and sing-along, the music is there for them.   If guests are instead socializing and networking, the music will not be over-bearing or infringe on the aforementioned activities.  

I've been performing live music in and around Chicago for the past 15 years and I'm truly passionate about what I do.  Please let me know of any additional information I can provide or questions you may have.   Thanks for your consideration!


Long has been performing for 15 years — since he was 19. He noted that a lot of his training was nontraditional — working with musicians, practicing with songbooks and working his way through chord charts. 

Myrna Petlicki, Chicago Tribune


"From local troubadour to in-demand talentpreneur, Scottie has found a way to bring his love of music to a wider audience, all while lifting up fellow performing artists and giving their heartwork a hand."

Rachel Albers, Awesomepreneur

"Long has found his true niche in music. The acoustic solo artist has found success with his booking production company, as well as with performing at various venues."

Alicia Spates, MySuburbanLife